Wait, did you say college?! (Part Two)

I am now a Senior in high school and it’s the dreaded time of year where all the seniors are in a panic trying to get their lives and figure out what they want to do with their lives. So many choices of where to go and what to do; whether to go to college, to not, or even take a gap year to travel. Again I’d love to say I have my life figured out, but in all honestly I don’t and that makes my anxiety levels rise higher and higher. I want to be able to sit back and be able to breathe because I will know what is going to happen, but I can’t. I still have an incredibly hard time waking up and deciding what to wear to school and I’m really supposed to be mature enough to plan out my whole future?!

As of now I like to believe I have everything figured out. I will be attending Houghton College to earn a degree in psychology. I will also be running track (and possibly even cross country) at the collegiate level as a Highlander.  I know now that everything will not happen exactly as I have planned, but it will be along these lines (hopefully…)

I wanted my senior year to be relaxed and fun, but so far has been stressful and full of anxiety and drama. At this point, I’m going to start letting things happen and stop letting things get to me so easily. I want to smile and laugh more. I want this year to be memorable and carefree (to some extent). I realized I tried growing up too fast and never held onto my youth. In a few short months I will be graduating and then packing my bags to head out to college and be an adult, which is absolutely crazy…

Here’s a few tips for upcoming seniors:

1. Enjoy your time in high school!

Don’t let petty drama get to you. It is absolutely ridiculous. Learn to smile and shrug it off! Having people hate you is NOT how you want to spend your last year… Senior year is supposed to be fun and memorable! Go out with friends and have nights that will be unforgettable, who knows how many of your friends you’ll be able to stay in touch with…

2. Breathe and relax!

You don’t want to spend time stressing over everything. Believe me, it will all fall into place if it’s meant to be. You will get accepted to college and you will figure it out. SOOO take a step back and breathe.

3. Your grades still do matter!

As ridiculous as it may seem, you shouldn’t let senioritis take you over completely… your grades do still matter and you can’t slack off the whole year (every now and then it’s okay to slack off and maybe even take a personal day here and there…)


Make your senior year the most memorable. Spend time with your friends because next year, you have to start all over and build new and strange friendships all over again…

If I could honestly start my senior year over again, I would. I want a redo at all my “last times” to where I truly enjoy them and get upset knowing that that was truly the last time I will do that. I can’t however, so from this point on I am making every moment count and making my senior year fun and exciting! SO from me to all my fellow seniors, good luck on getting your lives together, only a few more months and we will be officially done with high school. Make the most of it.